Set Goals & Slay provides courses that will help you discover and walk in your God given purpose with boldness through...

  • Motivation

    You will get consistent motivation to achieve your goals. You will also learn tips and strategies that you can incorporate into your daily routine to motivate and empower yourself.

  • Strategy

    You will learn strategies to help you in your personal growth and development, productivity, building your self-confidence and more!

  • Accountability

    Not only will I serve as your accountability partner, but you will learn various strategies to hold yourself accountable.

Set Goals & Slay Mission Statement

To empower women to set goals and slay through mindset and goal success coaching; by way of teaching strategies to: shift mindsets from a negative to a positive success mindset, to identify one’s passion and life purpose, to set strategic goals, to create a plan of action and to identify and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

My mission as a coach is to empower you and assist you in clarifying, setting and achieving your goals.

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