Set Goals & Slay provides courses that will help you discover and walk in your God given purpose with boldness through...

  • Motivation

    You will get consistent motivation to achieve your goals. You will also learn tips and strategies that you can incorporate into your daily routine to motivate and empower yourself.

  • Strategy

    You will learn strategies to help you in your personal growth and development, productivity, building your self-confidence and more!

  • Accountability

    Not only will I serve as your accountability partner, but you will learn various strategies to hold yourself accountable.

Bonus Material

  • Worksheets

    Goal Setting Strategy Worksheet, The Why Factor Worksheet, Breaking Limitations Worksheet, Motivating Factors Worksheet, Goal Maps (Life, Career, 1 & 5 yr plan) and Goal Assessment Worksheet

  • Bonus material

    Goal Success Checklist, 20 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable, 70+ Creative Career & Side Hustle Ideas, Set Personal Goals & Follow Through Workbook E-Book

  • Challenge

    2 Month Mindset Makeover Challenge

Exciting New Course Bonus!

Set Personal Goals and Follow Through Workbook *E-Book*

 You can use this workbook, in addition to the checklist and worksheet bonuses, to map out your goal slaying strategy to help you stay committed to and achieve your personal life goals.


  • Erika H.

    “I feel like this course was made for me! Having struggled to see my goals through for so long while trying every self-help course out there, I was ready to give up. Coach Kizzy changed that. She keeps everything real, motivational and only speaks the truth. And her teachings actually WORKED! Thank you for helping me become the person I always knew I could be.”

  • Samreen E.

    “We often have dreams that we wish someday to become reality miraculously, and most of the times they don’t and that’s what she taught me through her course the difference between your dreams and your goals to turn your dreams into reality.”

  • Laura S.

    "They carefully helped me map out a great strategy with their slaying crash course and goal slaying worksheets. Her free and open-minded course motivated and pushed me out of my comfort zone."

Set Goals & Slay Mission Statement

To empower women to set goals and slay through mindset and goal success coaching; by way of teaching strategies to: shift mindsets from a negative to a positive success mindset, to identify one’s passion and life purpose, to set strategic goals, to create a plan of action and to identify and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

My mission as a coach is to empower you and assist you in clarifying, setting and achieving your goals.

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